Out with the old…

… And in with the new.

It’s been an emotional few months for me.  Not sure why, just has been.

2016 was a busy year for me.  I was VP of a nonprofit board, I coordinated and executed 2 successful fundraisers.  I was/am a work at home mom to 4 children (and let’s just put it out there – stay at home moms rock, and do a lot.  Add a part-time or mompreneur gig on top of it… moms rule the world).  Now I’m the President of that board, and looking forward to helping The Women’s Entrepreneurial Network celebrate their 20th anniversary.

I guess it all hit me late summer, as my eldest entered the gates of h-e-double hockey stick know as Middle School.  Such an awkward time of life for anyone – I hated it.  I was so proud that she took it head on; she joined any club/organization/team that a 6th grader is allowed to participate in.  And with that, she changed my world.

You can see in my personal blog I’ve written about her journey – you can read about it here and here.  I’m writing this is to share a small piece, to put it out into the world, that those little projects have wrecked me – and because of it, I am in the planning stages of a new endeavor.  I’m still having conversations with my business associates, some telling me don’t do it, some who can’t wait to see this happen.

Not going to lie, starting something new, something that requires So. Much. Planning. is scary.  I think my husband is on board with it… maybe?  But in doing this I’ll be able to hopefully have the release of stress I’ve been holding up.  I’ll be able to finally do what I feel my life’s calling is, in a way that can really make an impact.  And maybe finally I won’t have to worry about bugging clients to pay their invoices…

Please join me in prayer as I start this journey, and if you’ve read my daughter’s story and want to know more about our plans, please feel free to contact me: Cindy@SociablyCindy.com.


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