When Art Takes Over


I have an art corner in my house, and it’s consuming my mind.  Not because it’s a mess, but because I want to spend more time with it…  And I don’t know what the next steps are.

Let me go back…

In the fall, my eldest had an amazing vision, that expanded beyond our imagination.  (Read that story here).  Now in this new year, her small vision is looking to yet again become something big. (Read that story here).

So now I sit here, with a background in marketing for non-profits, trying to determine my next step.

Divine Intervention brought a wonderful woman to a WEN Meeting, who has an organization I admire, and without know who we were, she’d contributed to Samantha’s Scarf Project.  I’ve reached out to people I trust, who want to see me successful.  I’ve been told “make a business, make money!  Sell sell sell!”  I’ve been told “start a nonprofit, get sponsors! Donate donate donate!”  And I’ve been told, “keep it a hobby, sell or donate what you want.”

See here’s the thing – having a purpose in mind,  and a deadline, made it easy for us to get the work done.  And it was done willingly by my daughters, and their friends, and the community who chose to get involved.

So I don’t know – where to go, what to do?  I’m putting this out into the world, hoping the world will put some insight back into me.  Lord, I’m looking for guidance, send those people my way!



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